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High school parents:

Register here for access to videos, materials, and free Lighthouse audio downloads for our new YDisciple youth group. Meetings are Sunday at noon in Vincent Hall and are open to all high school students.









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St. Vincent de Paul Church


We believe the members of the St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church are called to live in the reflection of God's Love and to live as a reflection of God's Love. We believe we can respond to this call by building upon the valued traditions of the past. We believe that our future depends upon the growth of all within a caring environment. We welcome you and invite you to share in our worship of the heavenly Father and his Son and our Savior Jesus Christ.

St. Vincent de Paul School


In the safe and caring environment of St. Vincent de Paul School, we are committed to teaching and instilling the Faith of the Catholic Church, helping all students to develop their academic and social abilities to become lifelong learners and stewards of God's creation.


St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School will provide our students with programs of academic excellence and ongoing faith formation allowing them to grow in a safe and caring environment that is animated by Catholic social values.

We value diversity of our students and provide all students with a firm spiritual, academic, and social foundation upon which they can build their future.





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